BristolSEDS’s team Hy-Power Bristol are flying out to Portugal today to participate in the European Rocketry Challenge. Their rocket, Stairway to Heaven, is being entered into the 3km solid motor category. Packed full of lessons learnt in recent years in the UKSEDS National Rocketry Championship, Mach22 and Mach23, the team hope to set an altitude record for BristolSEDS with the current record being held by our Mach23 team Prometheus at 5712ft.

They have a 3U CanSat payload made up of a main parachute chamber, an avionics and research electronics sled, and structural elements. The purpose of this CanSat is to create a 3D point map of glacier terrain to monitor the impact of climate change over time through comparisons of yearly glacial erosion.

Best of luck to the Hy-Power team, we are all routing for you, go and make BristolSEDS proud! Stay tuned for updates from the team!