Team Odysseus • Advanced ORT Team

Who Are We?

We’re Team Odysseus, 10 University of Bristol students, making the university’s debut in the advanced stream of the UKSEDS Olympus Rover Trials. Our team are currently building our Mars rover for testing at Airbus in July. Check out the gallery of snapshots and details below to see what we’re up to.

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What Are We Making?

Latest Renders of Our Full Rover

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Mechanical Subsystem

Drill Arm

Our drill arm, designed to manoeuvre to extend to hard to reach places, will be drilling for samples in the Mars cave
Mechanical Subsystem

Solar Array

Our petal design rotates the shelves to be evenly spaced while taking up minimal volume when stacked
Structural Subsystem


Our wishbone arm suspension allows the rover to travel over large rocks without getting stuck, with the wheels free to rotate up and down
Structural Subsystem


Our wheel designs is made to grip and push back the fine Martian sand without slipping
Software Subsystem


Our advanced machine vision and path planning runs locally on the onboard Raspberry Pi
Structural Subsystem


Our chassis is made of aluminium extrusions designed to be extremely lightweight and strong
Software Subsystem


Our Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3 allows the rover to understand its surroundings in HD
Electrical Subsystem

Motor Control

Our L298N motor driver powers our four wheels over the rough Martian terrain

Render from Our Subsystems

Our Poster

Check out our poster from the National Students Space Conference 2024

Our Team's Poster

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